Weighing my Schneider Truck on a scale

How to make sure the website you are using is legal

this is what is involved in checking your weight when you are driving a tractor trailer to make sure it is legal i also explain what is legal for your typical 5 axle …

2009-12-31 08:01:15

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  1. Doesnt one of those brake knobs pull out automatically when you pull one knob? I practiced straight backing in CDL school today on an International 8500 day cab and I cant remember if the red knob comes out automatically when pulling the yellow or vice versa.

  2. Hi, We are professional on Weighing Scale since 1986 and this is our newly developed high technological all- functional mobile scale, features wireless connection, remote viewing on smartphone or tablet, weight ticket printing, animal scale mode, data integration with ERP and formula system etc. We are looking for agent now and sample will be available for further test. Please contact james@jadever.com.cn for more details. Thanks.

  3. My god you're an idiot! Set your damn trailer brakes! I had to drive one of them automatic pos when I was a company driver and if you would of listened!! You'd know that's what you're suppose to do! All your videos piss me off and make me laugh… Do this crap for a different company so we don't all look stupid! And open that big black book… 12,500 34000 34,000

  4. First Marten trans now Schneider. I wonder if you will make stupid annoying videos again and get fired again. Gotta love that DAC report LOL. Oh and have fun pulling hills with that POS automatic.

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