Soi Buakhao Walk Around – Pattaya Vlog 132

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Soi Buakhao Walk Around – Pattaya Vlog 132 A Pattaya Vlog where I took a stroll up Soi Buakhao in the evening, later returning to Pattaya Soi 1 via two baht bus …

2017-02-08 14:00:04

45 Replies to “Soi Buakhao Walk Around – Pattaya Vlog 132”

  1. I travel to Pattaya from Australia twice a year. I always stay around the Soi Baukhao area. It doesnt ever get boring and for me its way better than beach road in terms of you are away from the touristy area and its better for just hanging out and people watching. Soi baukao is nearly always busy up past LK Metro. I really miss pattaya when im not there.

  2. Thanks for the great videos. I'm pretty sure I've watched every single one to due with Pattaya. I've been there a few times and I've always stayed in the Beach Rd area. When I'm there this April I think I'm going to stay in the Soi Buakhao/LK Metro area. Thanks again for the very informative vlogs and a great website. Cheers from Canada.

  3. at 5.27 the butchers arms. one of a few where you can buy British bitter "John smiths " along with the pig and whistle on soi 7… queen Victoria on soi 6 and the camel bar in Banchang.

  4. I was 2 Werks ago located in soi Diana near Area 51 bar right to the crossroads to soi buakau. as a 26 year old fress looking i can tell you the Girls are thai ugly There the dont eben tryed to Talk to me mostly. Inside the walking street i just met turk germans in the bar under insomnia. the Girls did Not amszed me AT all there. even Inside baccara the Girls are Not superhot but quiet cheap. Like 3300 with bar fine. In bkk baccara the hottest girl wanted 8000 from me. I left pissed cause she probaply get fucked by a fat old taxidriver for 1k in the offseason

  5. Your best Video by far I.M.O . Detail an recommendations a plenty. I am ready an waiting for March ( God willing an 99.9% certain ) to do it all again, an gain some fresh memories 🙂 Notice ya never mentioned honey massage next to Billabong 2 /// . I never bothered myself far too busy lat time ….. 🙂 GR8 Wrk my friend …

  6. Your Videos are fantastic and have inspired me to travel to Pattaya, but as a newbie to the Thailand experience, can you give me the names of good hotels to choose from in Pattaya.

  7. Are the trucks with the passenger areas in the rear the buses? How do you know where each one goes? How much does it cost to ride? how do you tell the driver when you want off? And how do you pay for the ride? There are so many of them running around there. Just curious about how they operate, so different than in the U.S.

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