Clickfunnels Review – How to build a Webinar Registration Funnel – Automated Webinars

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2014-10-01 01:38:17

6 Replies to “Clickfunnels Review – How to build a Webinar Registration Funnel – Automated Webinars”

  1. Gotta say – this was an immense waste of time. It was as if you were visiting ClickFunnels for the very time, and rushing to make a video before all the other affiliates beat you to the punch. 16:41 in, and you start talking about how to edit the page. This was not a HOW TO video. This was a "HOW TO click my link so I can get an affiliate sale" video. Lots of words…no content.

  2. Hi
    I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you think in comparison to Getresponse and clickfunnels?

    2) What do you get for the $37.00 per month with clickfunnels?
    GetResponse is about $49USA month which is around $60AU

    I am no internet marketer or IT guru but i do know a little of both.

    What i want is to create landing pages to sit on my website and drive prospective clients to these landing pages for certain services and then for them to go to autoresponder emails. Eventually i will be adding product too.

    I created a landing page in Getresponse, an add in fb power editor to go to that landing page with specific information but the link/URL in getresponse didn't seem to work in the power editor not sure were the error was as the link seemed to work outside power editor. It also could bu user error… lol

    I find the editing in Getresponse very hard to use and not flexible. So i want to find out more about clickfunnels before i change over to another system.

    Cheers Anita

  3. Hi do I need to have an autoresponder system like infusionsoft ? or can I just use clickfunnels itself as email system. Also my site is currently in staging, can still go ahead an set up the webinar funnel?

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