Free Energy Generation – Build Your Own Magnetic Generator


http://magnetic– – Free Energy Generation – Build Your Own Magnetic Generator.

2013-03-11 06:51:12

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  3. Only way to know if this works for what your looking for is to have a way to count the rpms accurately before you install the magnets. Then install the magnets and get the rpm count. If its higher then install a flywheel to add torch and see what the rpm count is then. If the rpm count is still higher then your first set of numbers you might have something.

  4. I think MrSummitville works for an electric company… Or simply hasn't played with a magnet.

    If a magnet moves away from another magnet, would that not be free energy? By telling people free power does not exist, you deny their very existence or perhaps just not critically thinking.

    While we may disagree on the output of power, it is undeniable that magnets positions appropriately will generate different levels of free energy… Arguing that fact is complete nonsense. The real trick is optimizing your design to allow for greater energy yields and this gentleman's experiment is a great learning tool.

    In regards to optimizing the design, have a peek at the Rodin coil… That is how you can make the universe work for you.

  5. @Vidmastercrew,
    "… build one your self then …"
    HUH? Why would I waste my life building something that will NEVER function? Why don't YOU build one? Then you can prove to yourself that you have wasted your time and wasted your money. I already know the TRUTH.
    This thread is a JOKE, just like every other "FREE Energy" thread. Ha-Ha-Ha.

  6. John,
    I will tell you right now, that you will NOT get 5,500 watts OUT with only 900 watts IN. Please calculate the FORCE needed to turn the the 5,500 Watt Generator at FULL-LOAD and you will see, learn, discover that it takes more than a 3/4 HP motor. As you can see from your demo that you need 65 watts just to over-come the friction. So far, you have 65 Watts IN and 0 Watts OUT. That ain't OVER-UNITY ! That is the exact opposite of Over-Unity. You currently have 0% efficiency – ouch!

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