The Truth About Herpes!

What will be the symptoms to identify ED?

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2016-07-12 20:41:02

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  3. Thank god for you Laci, I'm interested in a guy who was awesome enough to tell me early on that he has HSV-1 and you've made me feel so much better about the situation because this guy is really great and I don't want to stop seeing him out of the fear and stigma that surrounds this.

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  5. Shouldn't be sure it doesn't have a cure. Everything has a weakness including viruses. When you say it doesn't have a cure and mention antivirals it comes off as you are afraid of change and want to support the sales of antivirals. Careful how you word things.

  6. So now people with STDs, are trying to normalize this like catching a cold or headache period is not natural, it's not normal, your body can get rid of a cold or small minor infection on its own. It's a sexually transmitted disease, because you have it doesn't mean it's no more all of a sudden. That's what America is about today people lowering the standards for everybody to make themselves feel better

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  9. America is the only place who is the only country who make getting a std like catching a cold. The way she's talking , make it seems it's a sex souvenir, and it's cool to pass it down. Then she said taking meds prevent u from passing it down. That's a false misguided information. I say If a female or male fucking ppl and not informing their partner they should get their ass beat to death or sued. That's my opinion

  10. Pliz get ur facts straight, u cant say that herpes1 and 2 is the same thing, Yes u can get both on both places. But it is not the same ting. And herpes does not transfer If u do not have an outbreak that leak fluid. This fluid is what transfer the disease. Yes it CAN spread eaven if it is no outbreak, but that is if bouth have an opening(cut) in their skin and blood is transferd in to the other persons opening(cut)But still it is a low chanse of infection

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