Dick Pills Preworkout For Getting a Pump – Bodybuilder in Thailand Back in Bangkok

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2017-07-27 03:39:15

46 Replies to “Dick Pills Preworkout For Getting a Pump – Bodybuilder in Thailand Back in Bangkok”

  1. 15mg (3 scoops) of Citruline is the second best pre-workout I've used. As for the same effects as the dick pill, 13mg Arginine knocks my head off, it works so much more powerfully, too powerfully, dangerously powerfully when pushing heavy barbells above the head. The problem is Arginine powder smells like cum and very strongly, makes me gag and when mixed with water it tastes like liquidised prawns and leaves this aftertastes in the mouth. This is why I opt for Citruline to avoid the smell of the powder and the taste … however, if you can man up, 13mg Arginine will give you the best pumps ever and it's DIRT CHEAP compared to dick pills. I bought a kilo of Arginine in a plastic bucket with a lid for the equivalent of $18. This will last you well over a year.

    Besides Dan, I've been through your website which is really good and bookmarked – you hate pumps because they restrict you from being able to perform exercises properly or enough, so why do you want dick pills to increase the pump?

  2. Hey buddy, today I took 20mg levitra pre workout with about 300mg of caffeine and felt like I was about to have a heart attack while training back. I have used 8-12g citrulline religiously in the past and never had this issue other than the occasional headache. Do you suggest I cut out the caffeine when taking levitra? What’s ur personal experience w stims and viagra?

  3. I take a pre workout that is a stimulant for extra energy in the gym. Is it ok to take the generic vag along with the pre workout I drink ? I get the red flush face. On vag too. Is that a side ?

  4. Hey bro was trying to look up the article on ordering from reliablerx and couldn't find it. Is there something special I have to do when ordering?

  5. Bro you NEED to try concentrated beet root juice. Drink around 2 hours before workout. When you drink it, hold each mouthful in your mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing. Half a cup to a cup is all you need.

  6. I have tried Cialis for this and it works really well. If and when I do run out or forget, a shot of salty water also does the trick.

    Oh, and, dick pills pre-workout, you're guarantied everyday is arm day! 😀

  7. Yeah when I was in Tokyo I was prescribed Cialis for better blood flow and it did work well at the gym. Thanks for the info Dan. I'd like to see more night videos of you and where you like to hang out! 🙂

  8. Nah mate all good. Maybe too many dick pills joke. Have you tried the Gell you eat, they sell there I wonder if it would work as well.I've lived in a few Countries being Aussie you really have to adjust your speech so they can understand you easier. keep up the great videos and content mate.

  9. whats the best inexpensive (less than 10k per month) part of bangkok to live long term outside the sukhumvit area? as far as access to everything you need food, gym, girls

  10. you can get arrested for 1 viagra pill here :(, but i bought some anyway and NO GUYS IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU HARD, it only works in stimulated tissue. STIMULATED tissue, so if he trains biceps the blood will be going there. viagra isnt a pill you take that gets you hard it improves the abilityof blood to get into muscle tissue. i for one took 3 or 400mg of viagra pre workout (Tony Huge thought that was kinda funny) my face looked like a puffer fish it was good but you should try diffferent ones like cialis, levtira staxyn and the ''hardcore'' caverject. Viagra was made by accident while some doctorswere creating a heart medicine. so yes it lowers blood pressure but trust me you'll see side effects. easyto handle but some people gethead aches but then again not many people other thanme and Hugh Hefner probably take that much viagra you'll only ever need a 100mg pill, bewarethough some viagra is underdosed especially the generics.

  11. Have you noticed how your speaking English now. I think living in Thailand and having to speak English in a way is changing how you speak. Not hating just pointing out the change.

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