Teenage Heroin Epidemic

Kamagra Soft Overdose

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2012-06-20 16:34:47

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  1. It's such a disgusting, filthy drug. Everything about it. It makes your body look terrible, track marks, your face sunken in. Shoot up with dirty needles, in a disease infested alley way. Nothing glamorous about heroin.


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  3. Next time we want to look at a junkie and say "This is what they deserve, they shouldn't have started it knowing what would happen to them" I hear that all the time and it makes me so sad. Most users grow up in this environment and doing this drug is nothing unusual for them. Yes it is a choice, but most the time the choice was made for them at a young age

  4. At 30:08 a woman says "I'm not saying it's the parents responsibility" then who's the fuck is it? If your parents don't guide you then they have failed you. The mothers and fathers of this town are the biggest problem.

  5. I used to hate beIN placed like dudes dad's appartment when I was younger getting high n I'd feel bad for the younger ppl who lived there cuz they're doomed from the start. I always felt weird af say if so.ebodies parent smoked w us. My dad's side who I didn't grow up with was like that but I wasn't raised in a drug household at all. Threcession n where I lived it was all around me n a single mother working late made it too easy to use

  6. For the people that say this is a DISEASE, thats the most bullshit statement that i am SO fucking sick of hearing.. I was on 40-70 mg's a day of Opana just to function. I got to the point to where i hit rock bottom and just said Fuck it.. I withdrew for 4-5 days. I had my parents literally lock me in our fucking house and went through it.. it was the worst, most painfully uncomfortable and yet most satisfying week of my life.. Everybody that says they cant physically do it is just a lame excuse.. They dont want to quit, they just like the IDEA of being sober.. but they still wana do drugs, plain and simple. Would you rather be out on the damn streets every day, doing unspeakable things to get money to get a quick fix, putting your family and friends through hell because of your dumbass decisions.. Would you rather go through that EVERY SINGLE DAY, or man up and do what needs to be done.. I know quitting cold turkey isnt easy.. Tbh its the hardest thing on earth, But you just have to suck it the fuck up and go through hell for a few days to get your life back.. Now you tell me if its worth it or not..

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