Welcome To The Health Hacker Movement

Exact Pharma – for Kamagra & Erectile Dysfunction

My name is Christopher Walker. I’m part of a group of underground health hackers you’ve probably never heard of. We don’t rely on health advice given by the …

2017-06-15 15:31:27

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  1. been eating foods on the list didn't even know there was a macro split. now my body feels like it's being roasted from the inside I'm guessing it's the fat. WOW!!! feels like food is literally the medicine I've been missing.

  2. Chris, Your 100% right on brother! This is perfect advertising from my perspective. Mainstream everything in this world is mostly complete bullshit. Thank you for spreading this all important info.

  3. I have been practicing that and much more, Chris. Started it after I read stats that most heart heart attacks occur on Monday mornings at a job one detests to go to. I felt that was a message directed to me as my health was bad, and my job was not fun anymore. Yet I did not have enough time for the many hobbies and interests, and a curious mind I had. That reminder had been timely. Then I retired and focused entirely on matters of my own health (all that it entailed), mind, body, spirit and how they are connected. Furthermore take matters into my own hand and align it all for a better existence. I am glad I did that important work that included learning and inner growth. After 18 years, I feel I am healthier, happier, fulfilled, and enjoying gratefully a life in awareness and the importance of the gift of life. The grand mystery of the Universe and the Intelligence are a great subject of interest. The energy and information we're surrounded with mind boggling and unseen. I consider the gift and challenge of life to be precious and both subjective experience and objective science paint an encouraging reality to each living being the chance making a great adventure of living. I think you are on the right path. It mostly depends on you, friend. It all comes down to the personal level and evolving through learning and experiencing. The Universe is there for you if and when you're searching, asking and ready to connect and evolve. More power to you!

  4. if you can do another video on other products that we consumers take but don't realise the health defects…

    this might seem crazy but can you do a video on herbalife male factor 1000 and prelox blue.

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