3 Rules to Avoid Violating Fair Use on YouTube

How to make sure the website you are using is legal

Even if the copyrighted material you use in your YouTube videos falls under Fair Use, you can still get into a lot of copyright issues and difficulties. The only entity …

2014-09-02 15:30:02

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  1. I did a filming locations video of Home Alone, and Fox put a strike on it!! I only used small clips to show the location then and now, and I credited the Movie itself, It's in the dispute process as we speak, any tips? Isn't this fair use?

  2. You do give a very good and informative content on your channel,,, But Whooo!! slow down a bit dude, it's hard to keep up with you when you rattle off information like it's shot from a machine gun.

  3. Listen so most of the copyright stuff is way overblown. As long as you source and give credit to the proper owner and make it clear they retain rights over the content and you have no rights than most likely they will either monetize it for themselves allowing it to stay in the channel without money for you or the will limit or block in some countries or just not allow you to post which is rarer. I use some cipyrighted works to post short clips of nba analysis for basketball games and the NBA actually has recently become extremely friendly even offering clips for video creators as it actually gains them tons of exposure and money from that but occassionally they will monetize certain videos. I only received one copyright strike which has since gone away and that was not from them but I did not source the owner correctly. If you have some copyrighted material source it properly promote the owner of the content making sure they get positive exposure from it, and use it in a relavant and positive way not offensive and you should be ok.

  4. I have an important question are you allowed to record the playback of someone else's YouTube video and then monetize that? It appears I've been able to do that in the past but aren't you then using someone else's creation in your video to monetize it? What about a song If you were to play a YouTube video on your television and then film that with your phone and upload it to YouTube would you be allowed to monetize it? Also I understand copyright laws simply as if you pay for something like a movie or a CD you cannot then film that and upload it and make money off of it however something like radio stations or music over YouTube or even Spotify that's not being paid for in anyway so can't you film that and then monetize the video? I've had several issues with being able to and not being able to do this… please help!

  5. I've been blackmailed by another YouTube user to pay money and a share of ad revenue every month plus my email address and password for my channel. She demands $200 every hour unless she's going to keep putting false copyright claims in. I refuse to be blackmailed now she's done it. My channel is being disabled what can I do she's called Pheanyoun Vit has a channel on YouTube. She's crippled my channel. Scammed me and I can't do anything as YouTube is all automated.

  6. Okay, I would like to use a Led Zeppelin Song to put together my films and photos from the summer and put it on my channel. What's your advice? Of course I would give credit of the song used.

  7. Is it possible to recut a trailer for fun. Not monetized? I did this and it's unavailable in 240 countries. I gave credit and everything and clearly not my property. I just edited the video for entertainment. Just confused. Thanks 🙂

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