Borderline Personality Disorder – mental health Kati Morton Self-Harm, Eating Disorder & BPD

What will be the symptoms to identify ED?

Borderline Personality Disorder, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. In this video I talk about their relationship. Many of the symptoms of BPD lead us to acting out …

2013-01-28 16:43:59

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  1. Iam 65 years old, I have bpd severe depression, anxiety, dillusions, PTSD, I had my husband of 34 years arrested for a domestic violence. I really believed it happened. I thought he slapped me in my face and because it was red. I have seen and talked to my mother, in my mind. She has been gone for 6 years. I hear things that no one else does. I blow up at the drop of A dime, the next day I don't remember what I said. Terrible things to my children. I hate myself. Detest myself for being sick. I'm the black sheep. My mother was embarrassed of me, even though she mentally abused me all my life. What I'm asking is they arrested my husband. He didn't do anything to me. I don't want him back around me because he doesn't believe in mental illness. I've asked for a no contact order until I can get better. On so many antidepressants, Seriquel for at least 25 years. I'm withdrawing from it rite now and it's horrible.. How can I get my husband out of trouble. I self mutilate for at least 15 years because it hurts. I'm suffering from horrible nightmares that seem so real and I scratch at my face and arms. I'm also on klonopin and pain medication. I don't know weather to shit or go blind. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. LOSING IT BIG TIME.

  2. I feel some dont understand what its like to have bpd but instead say we who suffer with bpd are crazy when we aren't, we jsut want what everyone else wants and thats to be accepted and have support, its the fear of being ditched or things just get to much to the point, you dont know what is real anymore so you feel like your spirit has left your body so you sit Looking down at your self to see that your only existing but your not living, its like a dark cloud thar never goes away no matter how you try your best to forgot, but yet its still there and then the suicide thoughts and being depressed is not easy even when you know very well your doing great and in a better place, yet you just dont feel it and you just dont see that its great like others do, you feel like everything you do it a mess even when its good always feeling useless and no good for anyone and the sad thing is people like myself who have bpd know very well how to just fake being happy and everyone buys it when really we are not and we tend not to say anything due to the fact others will think we are just being silly and need to get over it, when really we just dont see ourselves the ways others do like kind, beautiful or even the best but yet we see ourselves as being no good for anyone for the reason we always feel empty inside but even tho we feel this way about ourselves, it doesn't me we dont need the love and support of our loved ones because me Who has bpd, knows its not easy for the people who has to put up with me but instead try to understand that its not easy at all for the suffer of bpd who has to fo through it for if not treated, you could end up in a sad lonely so instead of going off at someone with bpd try to get them help for you never know what they are thinking for one day they could be here and seem happy and the next it could just get to much and life got the better of them and they did the unthinkable so before you nut out at someone, it pays to get them help first or talk to them because we never know what others are dealing with so be happy and positive for a person with bpd all they want is to know you will be there even if it get hard and we tend to do things that ain't right but to know that you wont leave with things get tough is the best thing they will see that could save them from Suffering even more

  3. When I told my therapist I thought a was borderline she laughed it off and said "everyone is borderline these days" and told me I wasn't without trying to do any diagnostic and that she didn't want to work with that diagnotsic anyways.. Needless to say I don't see her anymore

  4. this was amazing. my therapist stopped seeing me last year because of my BPD like behavior and told my mom to bring me to DBT but I refused. this video has opened my eyes and I think I might think twice on going. thank you!

  5. I know I have bpd. I know I do! My therapist said she thinks I’m just depressed but she said if I’m still like this when I’m older than maybe I should get tested. I don’t want to wait until I’m older. I’m only 14 but I’m so sick of not knowing what I have. I’m not “normal” I have been Depressed before , I’m not depressed now and I match all of these symptoms. I’m 100% about this and it would help others understand me if I could just tell them but I can’t because if they find out I haven’t been professionally diagnosed then it will make them not trust me and I need them to trust me.

  6. Have you ever felt afraid to be in a relationship because of your BPD? avoid it so you don't hurt yourself or others with the intensity of idolization and hatred you may feel? How do you deal with it?

  7. I never self harmed, but meet all other criteria for BPD, including anorexia for a year when I was 17. Is self-harming a necessary criterion for a BPD diagnosis? I don't think I'm bipolar since I don't have lengthy epidoses of mania or hypomania, the mood swings range from feeling full of energy to feeling utterly suicidal on the same day.

  8. I don’t think I have bpd because I’m like this due to extreme childhood abuse. Isn’t bpd supposed to be genetic or chemical? I want Kati to answer this so plz like it so she can see it

  9. I have BPD. But with self harm and suicide which I've attempted a lot of times. I don't do that for "attention", I do that because I can't cope with how I am feeling and thinking. BTW: I tick all the points…

  10. I saw this video and I see a lot of these traits in myself and currently I am diagnosed with depression , anxiety , social phobia , suicidal/self mutilation ideation and ASC but I'm currently getting referred to a therapy service for possibly seasonal depression but idk whether I should also mention this to the service as I don't want to seem like I'm hunting for another diagnoses but at the same time during cbt it never worked and so I'm wondering whether it could be because of this and I have a lot of self hatred physically and mentally

  11. I am curious…… I was recently diagnosed as having CPTSD with borderline features. I am confused, my understanding of the things I have read about both conditions is that they are almost identical. I would love a video that explains the difference.

  12. I was recently diagnosed bipolar and on medication in a week. but I dont think the medications work. I experienced Extreme mood instability lately the worst symtomp is my abilty to control anger. It is very difficult tl be patient. The worse thing is after I get angry,, say rude things or do destructive things I will feel very dissapointed and cry really hard.. I am really upset… is it bipolar or borderline?

  13. I am 8 of those… should I seek a diagnosis? I’m afraid my husband will leave if I’m diagnosed with this but he’ll leave if I don’t get help ☹️😩 I can’t handle the thought of him leaving 😫😫😫

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