Tribulus benefit and side effects


Dr. Ray Sahelian talks about the benefits and side effects of the herbal supplement Tribulus.

2009-04-08 01:39:32

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  1. Sopharma Tribestan is the best tribulus on the market , research it. I've been taking it for a week and I have noticably more energy and I feel stronger and have better muscle pumps and stamina in the gym, and I am 29 with good testosterone levels. Sopharma Tribestan is the shit. It definitely increased blood flow to my dick and makes me very horny.

  2. This guy is not a registered doctor. This opinion towards tribulus has been gathered in ignorance and stupidity. DO NOT TAKE THIS INFORMATION AS FACT***
    Speak to your registered GP and they will support this statement. As for the creator of this video… get a real hobby and stop adding to the confusuion of what tribulus can and can't do. Peace to all ✌️

  3. another douchebag, pharmaceutical industry puppet, trying to sell his services, products hoaxing about tribulus…i used to drink naturally boiled tribulus extract, and my dick (excuse me but it's true) got thicker and longer due to awesome blood circulation, my sperm had an obvious better quality, my prostatitis issue was fading away, my muscles pumped due to testosterone boost, and i had a great mental health and clarity as a man…the most important is that I went to my 12-hour work in the sun, came back and exercised, had sex, etc etc…benefits are awesome, but use natural tribulus weed, and expect visible results after 2-3 months of use…drink a cup in the morning, in the evening and one right before sleep…but i cannot find any side effects yet, if someone does please let me know…

  4. I don't know about about testosterone or sexual enhancement, but immediately after consumption I experience an amphetamine like energy boost that makes it easier to hit the weights when I don't feel like it..

  5. You may just as well go out in your backyard and grind some chalk down into a powder, mix it up with grass and wash it down with a glass of water. All this stuff is pure SNAKE OIL and it don't work. Full stop.

  6. Bullshit i took 2000 mg pill and i was like 70% stronger… after 30 min workout i could usually do 4-5 pullups , yesterday i exercised for almost an hour and i did 5 side pullups and + 4 extra… this shit works… i feel so powerfull.. but nervous to… and it scares me. I will drink it only at night , and at lower dosage , cuz today i was so nervous i had to ask my boss to leave my workplace.

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