Drugtest: 2C-I with English Subtitles

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Spuiten en slikken crazy dutch TV-show with this hillarious girl and guy who tests a new drug each episode. Now with English Subtitles. This week Geraldine tries 2C-I.

2013-04-20 08:52:04

49 Replies to “Drugtest: 2C-I with English Subtitles”

  1. When I did LSD for the first time me and a few friends who I was tripping with were walking around and we passed Walmart but when I looked at the lights in the parking lot there were halos around them that were pulsing and so colorful and they were shooting huge purple bursts of joyful energy. It was just drawing me in. I was literally mesmerized so we ended up standing in the parking lot for like 20 minutes just staring at the lights. I'm pretty sure people thought we were crazy, but for us it was fucking beautiful.

  2. First and foremost and I learn this the hard way you test that 2 reasons #1 see if it;s the real thing and #2 see if you got bunked and somebody made off with your loot ie $? So much BS out there you could be snorting or dropping Cyanide for all you know?

  3. How do I sign up for this!?!?!????? Lol I'm down to try new things and some older things as well that in the U.S. Are just hard to find and aren't very pure often how can I get on the show? For English too expand the audience gotta love the Netherlands

  4. i forgot the difference between hot and cold water and couldnt say i needed a glass of cold water after a heavy dosage of this 😉 plus every time i went to the bathroom i had a black cat follow me 😉 im still allright tho, i think ^^

  5. So many people in this comments section who are taking psychedelics for a fun time and clearly don't have a good state of mind to deal with them. I did 15mg intranasal and had one of my most deep, memorable journeys to date.

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  7. Thats bullshit, I had pot and it brought me to the living hell I had a badtrip for 48 hours straight and I had panic I was afraid and couldnt communicate properly anymore, you think that Pot now is soft but its not, believe me.

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  9. I am very impressed with the Dutch peoples attitude towards drugs. They are very sensible people, who not only appreciate that these substances are not going to go away, but also educate themselves and the users about how is the right way to take these chemicals.

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