Side Effects of The Pill | Birth Control

Possible Side Effects

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2013-07-11 04:12:53

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  1. Side effects like blood clots 'extremely rare'?! My girlfriend, who is 33, works out regularly, doesn't smoke or have any medical issues, was on BC for only 3 months and ended up with multiple, massive pulmonary embolisms. Not just A blood clot she had so many the doctor's didn't bother counting them! She hadn't been on any form of BC for over 10 years. As others say here, they need to stop downplaying the side effects. 1 in 2000 is not fucking RARE!!

  2. Im 18 and have been taking the pill for over two years due to y irregular period. Hope im still fertile cause my period goes for 3months if i dont take the pills

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