Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

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Star Trek : The Next Generation.

2010-01-29 09:19:04

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  1. "In WINTER." might mean: "WAIT an f'ing moment!" I like how Picard and the Tamarian did not duel to the death, rather they became allies! Such a COOL way to communicate! IN metaphor! "My car, crappy, so as like my job, but I'm IN WINTER for achiving my education degree!"

  2. The Tamarian language was the spoken language of the Tamarians. The Tamarians spoke entirely by allegory, referencing mythological and historical people and events from their culture. As a result, Federation universal translators – although they could successfully translate the individual words and sentence structure – were unable to convey the symbolic meaning they represented. Without prior knowledge of the Tamarians' history and legends, a word-by-word translation was of no use to someone attempting to communicate with them. This language barrier led to isolation of the Tamarian people after all attempts at communication had failed.

    For example, instead of asking for cooperation, they would use a phrase such as "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra", because their culture's stories include a tale of two Tamarians, Darmok and Jalad, who were brought together while fighting a common foe on an island called Tanagra. The problem with communicating in this fashion is that without understanding the meaning of the reference, the metaphor becomes meaningless. While explaining the structure of the language, Counselor Deanna Troi gave the example that "Juliet on her balcony" could be used to describe a romantic situation, but it is impossible to understand if the listener does not know who Juliet is, or why she was on the balcony. (TNG: "Darmok")

    Some examples of the Tamarian language:

    "Children of Tama" – Tamarian
    "Darmok on the ocean" – loneliness, isolation
    "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" – cooperation
    "Darmok and Jalad on the ocean" – new friendship and understanding gained through a shared challenge
    "The beast at Tanagra" – a problem to be overcome
    "Kadir beneath Mo Moteh" – failure to communicate/understand
    "Zima at Anzo" "Zima and Bakor" – danger/hostility arising from miscommunication/misunderstanding.
    "Kiteo, his eyes closed" – refusal to understand
    "Kiazi's children, their faces wet" – do not cry
    "Temba, his arms wide/open" – signifying a gift
    "Temba, at rest" – when a gift being offered is declined
    "Mirab, with sails unfurled" – signifying departure/engines to full/fleeing
    "Shaka, when the walls fell" – failure
    "Sokath, his eyes uncovered/opened" – understanding/realization
    "Kailash, when it rises" – a necessary loss or sacrifice
    "The river Temarc in winter" – be quiet/silence
    "Zinda, his face black, his eyes red" – anger or conflict, also can indicate pain or discomfort, possible indication of inability to survive (either self, or other party)
    "Rai and Jiri at Lungha. Rai of Lowani. Lowani under two moons. Jiri of Ubaya. Ubaya of crossroads, at Lungha. Lungha, her sky gray" – greeting between two different cultures/races
    "Uzani, his army with fists open" – to lure the enemy towards you by spreading your forces
    "Uzani, his army with fists closed" – to close rank and attack after luring the enemy
    "Chenza at court, the court of silence" – not listening
    "Kira at Bashi" – to tell a story
    "Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel" – successful first contact between two alien cultures, or to work toward a common goal
    These phrases and idioms were often attenuated in conversation: "Shaka, when the walls fell" was heard shortened to "Shaka"; others followed a similar pattern.

    Dathon also used "Callimas at Bahar" after experiencing pain in his shoulder, signalling to Picard with a hand wave associated with "stay back", or perhaps meaning "I feel better now" or "the pain is gone".

    Here's the Web Site source: http://memory-alpha.wikia.com

  3. I'ma do every Starwars movie in Tamarian with a single line for each:

    I TPM: Gungans and the Droids, in battle at Naboo
    II AOTC: Whiny Anakin, with sand everywhere, in love with Padme.
    III ROTS: Kenobi, at Mustafar, when Anakin fell.
    IV ANH: Luke, with the force, when the Deathstar exploded
    V TESB: Luke, with Vader, at Bespen, his hand lost.
    VI ROTJ: Ewoks, in the forest, when the Empire fell.
    VII TFA: Kylo, at Starkiller base, when Han Solo fell.

  4. The Tamarians obviously had far more powerful weapons mounted on their ships than the Enterprise. Wonder how they rode out the Dominion War? Neutrals probably but you know some poor changeling was probably charged with infiltrating their society and had to figure out their language. Even worse, a Vorta diplomat.

  5. What I didn't get was how it took them so long to figure it out. "His sails unfurled" means "let's leave". "When the walls fell" is obviously failure. And the "in winter" line is obviously "shut up". Context clues Picard.

  6. Willis E. Davidge and Jeriba Shigan at Fyrine IV!

    (The Tamarians look like the Dracs in "Enemy Mine"! And the story of Willis and Jeriba at Fyrine IV is even very similar to Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra in certain aspects. The Episode "Darmok" ends with Picard saying: "Can't say no more, but at least they are not new enemies.")

  7. Palms sweaty, Picard unzips his unitard.
    "DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, on the Titanic?" he asked, trembling.
    "Benaiah in winter!" retorted his guest, naked and holding a riding crop, "Brokeback Mountain, when your mom entered the room."

  8. Did the Tamarians ever become Federation allies? Enemies? Or was this episode the last we heard of them?

    I ask because one would think any civilization/faction capable of posing a threat to a galaxy class 2 (let alone the flagship) would be a player in the Alpha Quadrant.

  9. Did the Tamarians ever become Federation allies? Enemies? Or was this episode the last we heard of them?

    I ask because one would think any civilization/faction capable of posing a threat to a galaxy class 2 (let alone the flagship) would be a player in the Alpha Quadrant.

  10. This was an awesome episode. Partially because I watched it with my uncle, with whom I get along like Fluorine and Chlorine. And that Christmas I gave him a Star Trek puzzle and spoke Tamarian to him.

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