@BloomNight2 @sandyincanada @EdWitteman @Tosca3333 @ScoobydaDog @gasser_terry @m…

@BloomNight2 @sandyincanada @EdWitteman @Tosca3333 @ScoobydaDog @gasser_terry @mariesmagic2009 @CinniMini2 @cobalttash @Lpowell588Lady @Slinky_The_Cat @moothemousecat @MizzBassie @flashjumpingjak @GeorgeTheDuck @sanjeethecat @lynda3035 @Dragonsnestling @TinyPearlCat @BrashleyDebbie @HackmanPatsy They make mistakes all the time, I don’t want to upset you guys but all I can say is be very careful about what you trust them to do and always read about possible complications, side effects and be careful with older animals.

Source by Rocio, Max & Trouble

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