Millennials are avoiding sex and it’s sad. Aug 3, 2016

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2016-08-03 20:48:21

22 Replies to “Millennials are avoiding sex and it’s sad. Aug 3, 2016”

  1. most are trying too avoid the fuck ups your generation has made. like having children with some chick you you can't get along. more people are divorced then married. I find it comical someone from a different era speaking on a era they know nothing about. so in the future refrain from doing it makes you look stupid. we are about our money over bitches.

  2. Yo Tommy remember the days when you could go to a club and smash legal young pussy? Them days are fucking over. Remember when being fucking macho was cool as fuck and everyone wanted to be an alpha male. those days sadly are fucking over. Wanna bang someone 19 and your 30 then better be ready for the pedo police to not only cock block you but possibly ruin your life. Remember when blowing shit up as a young boy was deemed OK? now we teach boys fucking pop rocks are dangerous. Remember growing up when pellet gun wars were fucking common among boys? Now it's fucking nerf or nothing. Remember when it was a boy or mans goal in life to look like Brock fucking Lesnar and now it's their fucking goal to look like Bieber. I'm sick of everything these days. Everything is anti fun and for sure anti men or at least men with an ounce of testosterone.

  3. well I'm 25 and I haven't had sex since December…..I kinda don't care if I ever do again sex is over rated I mean idk…..ladies are nice and all but there's so much more to a woman than just flesh

  4. As a millennial…

    … Yes people are not getting laid enough. Lucky for me, I don't fit into that category. I think perhaps I've just been lucky in that department.

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