The psychology of narcissism – W. Keith Campbell

What will be the symptoms to identify ED?

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2016-02-23 16:20:18

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  1. That video totally misses the real issue with narcissists, their manipulative and destructive mentality… also they form groups, which allows them to thrive despite their flaws, and makes them look normal !

    Worse than that, our society is so evolved and specialized, that you can't succeed without solid narcissist tendencies !!!

  2. Overt and Covert – NPD's
    Trump – Overt
    Putin – Covert

    They can only be helped during their formative – adolescent years (the earlier, the better), but 90% of the time they're in an environment that is further fostering the behaviors and mentality.

    They truly range through the associated PD's of Sociopath, Borderline, Anti-social, etc, to Psychopath.

  3. It’s demonic influence/possession. It’s much more common than 1-2% of the population. True narcissists have 0 empathy even though they can fake it. Children and partners of narcissists need to go into therapy as they are victims of narcissistic abuse. It’s a very serious condition

  4. I actually feel a little narcissistic whenever I look at the drawings of my peers in my art class, because I have spent a lot of time into learning to draw and are better than most (in my age group) and feel sort of bad whenever I see someone else's and mine looks better/more realistic

  5. Some might say that psychology and filosofy are social sciences, while others say that it is a rethorical trick / tool used by liars and thieves to dominate and scam those who suffer from a mental break down and/ or "to justify" some govermental injustice.

  6. I invented narcissism, shortly after inventing breastfeeding and sex.
    I started the club for narcissism.
    We argued over who would be president. Then we argued over who would vote first.
    Iron American Dream on YouTube Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Ride a Harley.

  7. This is dangerously light weight. Narcissists are far more deranged than just being obsessed with their image. I fear this type of infotainment just perpetuates the myth of the narc being nothing more than a selfie taker. These soul vampires in reality target vulnerable people as a succession of feeding stops and destroy lives. Many never recover. Do more research before putting this stuff out there please.

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