Briton arrested after Thai prostitute falls to her death

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ABritish tourist has been arrested after a prostitute fell five floors to her death as they had ‘very strange, extravagant sex’ on a balcony at a Thai hotel.Footage shows police detaining…

2018-01-08 10:40:56

5 Replies to “Briton arrested after Thai prostitute falls to her death”

  1. Poor little girl having to live an awful life like that and then to die in such a horrible way. Reece Vella you look like a scum bag of the worst kind I hope you get life in one of worst prions on earth. That was no accident!
    The British government has said "Our staff have offered support to a British man following his arrest in Thailand, and are in contact with the Thai authorities." Fuck him, lock him up over there for life we don't want the fucker back here in the UK. I hope he rots in hell. For more info on this turd read this:

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