Spuiten en Slikken – LSD (English subtitles)

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See title. Press cc for subtitles.

2011-11-15 17:14:45

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  1. There are no people in the world that have overdosed on LSD and you can't get unconsciousnes. There are substances often sold as LSD that can and will kill and harm you. LSD has no taste, if you taste something spit it out and wash your mouth. Always test your drugs.

  2. Als je nou gewoon 4 seconden wacht, dan zegt ie zelf ook: ''uit ervaringen van de mensen om mij heen, en ook een beetje van MIJZELF''. Eventjes doorluisteren jongens 😀

  3. …To continue. I'm not sure how they do this legally. Most likely because this show is for educational/informative purposes on both drugs and sex.

    I've tried to search if they have a special given tolerance or not, but I can't find anything.

    My idea would be that they save themselves the hassle of prosecuting them (prioritising) or are simply not able to by law in some way. Plus it's very informative and therefore beneficial in the end. The goals justify the means.

  4. In the governing drug law, the "Opiumwet", there has been made a complete list of hard drugs (List 1) and soft drugs (List 2).

    The use of soft drugs has been made legal for use over the age of 18.

    Trade and possession are technically still illegal. However, they won't prosecute for the possession of small amounts (e.g. max. 5 grams of weed). And trade is legalised for coffeshops, though still regulated by law, who do need a permit to do so.

    However, you are correct, LSD is in List 1.

  5. @Amund321 it's hard to explain, but we have this system in the Netherlands. Most drugs are not legal, but they allow you to have (and use) small amounts. Just not in public.

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