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Farm Girl demonstrated a rocket stove and it stirred up a lot of controversy! Bruce’s stoves on Etsy: Exoman was searching …

2017-02-23 22:24:43

46 Replies to “PEOPLE FLIPPED OUT WHEN SHE DID THIS! Rocket Stove trial.”

  1. Stop wasting your time trying to explain or justify what you guy's do. Lots of us enjoy your content and beautiful wife. No matter what people will be jealous and complain but they are the minority.

  2. Cool design, the angle on intake helps alot to balance the air draw pressure to minimize burn maximizing effeciency. I think if you add one more concrete block on the front standing up to lengthen the intake, you would get even more effeciency out of the brick version.

  3. doesn't matter if women want or dont want to wear a bra, that decision is up to them and only them. your belief is your belief and in absolutely no way does your belief give you any right or responsibility to dictate an others decisions. live the way you choose and let others live the way they choose.

  4. I have sent my son's a video or two of "farm girl " stating that when the SHTF, I should be so fortunate to be "prepping and bugging out" with such a marvelous companion!! 😎😍😉

  5. Tolerance…. Free World….. "Free World, Now"….
    "Free World, Now"….
    "Free World, Now"….
    "Free World, Now"….
    "Free World, Now"….
    Oh…. flashback to the 60's…. nice stove…nice wife…

  6. good on ya Exoman. Way to be professional and show us all how to communicate effectively. My wife would rather watch your wife demonstrate for multiple reasons and obviously so would I. Super appreciate watching you two work as a team at your Vlog. Keep it up.

  7. You two have created quite the paradise.. I am envious and jealous the same; but grateful to see how two functional loving souls compliments one another. I love the stove too! Think I'll build me one..

  8. The only controversy I see on that last video was how she cooked the shit out of those eggs! Damn she is pretty but if she can't cook a decent fried egg, she's gots to go!!!

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