Item review – VR Box 2nd Generation (Virtual Reality Glasses)

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This is a video review I made about the #VR_Box 2 #virtual_reality #glasses. Here are several links to purchase this item online: (Amazon US) (Amazon…

2016-03-02 22:42:04

20 Replies to “Item review – VR Box 2nd Generation (Virtual Reality Glasses)”

  1. pls help with this…I watched ur Video and decided to get this vr..I'm using an infinix note 2 which is 6inches…but whenever I put my phone in the holder, it shuts my phone off after few seconds..Ive adjusted the rubber and all. but still no change..what am I to do? pls reply

  2. can u plzz send me a cheap vr box. I am 14 years old and vr box is not available in my country. plzz help me i want to test it. HOPING GOOD RESPONSE FROM YOU.I will tell all of my freinds to subscribe,like and share your video, channel.plzzz

  3. Are these similar to the VR Case RK2+? and if not (I have a pair) could you direct me to where I can see a review on them like this review, thanks ….. Having problems finding that model here on YouTube …..

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